Paella and spectacular rice

When on our island someone talks about seafood paella or rice, typical in beach areas, everyone comes to mind our requested restaurant: we have been doing the best for years. Among its characteristics, so special, highlight its good taste and generous quantity at the best price, with which we assure you that you will never end up hungry.

Our strength is the paellas and rice of various kinds, prepared in multiple ways and with all the ingredients you want, and the fish, always freshly caught and totally natural, but also the delicious fideuás that we can prepare here at the moment. In addition, our large team of chefs, with great experience in the kitchen, offers an exquisite menu of international food proposals. You can taste the best of Russia and Poland without leaving the island. You just have to call to reserve a table.

The paellas or other preparations, among which the paella with seafood and with fideuá, you can enjoy them here or, if you prefer, come and ask them to our establishment and taste them at home.

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Come to Cheers Salud Na Zdorovie and enjoy good food! We will wait for you!

Our dishes

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